terça-feira, 30 de abril de 2013


         Each training has and must have a purpose to be achieved and drilled, that will always result in a great achievement for the athlete’s improvement. Commonly, when it comes to free practice, some athletes are demanded more while others are forgotten or even neglected.
      Every fighter has his weak and strong points, hits that are executed naturrally whereas other hits are not even thought to be use do not even thought to be experimented to be on the safe sides. Doing this, the fighter wastes a great opportunity to increase his collection of positions to be used in future combats. Therefors, I always suggest that my athletes self assess their performances and adjust the fight focus for the good training does not mean the search to the end. Mosto f times it is the adjustment of a new or the  end.
      In case you think that, in a certain practice, your opponent is technically  weaker, or does not have much strength, either way, work using the hits that you normally don’t even think of using or let you opponent grab your back and you practice your end. Think about the position that troubles you a lot when finishing the fight and let him get to it, being the starting point of your fight, that is, improve your routine and decrease your vulnerable points. Quickly the athlete realizes that if he adjusts the focus, according to the opponent, every single training is worthwhile. Nobody will risk a hit when it is not comfortable to be done , mainly in a tough fight where there are a lot of grabs. But how can a person feel confident doing a hit that is not practice at any time? That’s when the adjustment exercise for each training with a specific purpose plays an important role. To the less technical athlete or to the weak one, there is a goal: to be more and more improving his/ her performance as a result..
      If all athletes, being competitors or not, think like this, all trainings will be perfect  in a short time, principally to practice particular situations, improve certain hits  moviments or try moves that can work out, but nevr try these movements in a fight where the main objective is to finish it.

Luiz Dias, líder da GAS JJ

twitter: @gasjj

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