sexta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2011

Training hard is not rude!

           Every fighter, like a hard workout, pulled, which lets you tired at the end of the fight and that certainly did pull his technical and physical preparation. But often hurt other fighters fighters in situations completely unnecessary movements and, of course, accidents and fatalities occur, but many injuries could be avoided if there is a fairly well defined notion of conscious fighter who knows how to differentiate between hard training of rudeness. Means a hard workout, slip grip positions just, quick thinking, good strategy, good not to stop for breath and fatigue being finalized and a good technical level so you can make the correct move at the right time, leaving the opponent with no options, no time to react or taking him to the position that you consider ideal for finishing it. There are fighters, you can train many times and not get hurt, even though it is heavier or not, and the end of the fight you know you gave a great workout. You tried his best to overcome it and excel. The fatigue comes with a sense of satisfaction because you know it cost so much effort, are those workouts that keep in our memory, and we look forward to another workout like that.
A hard workout, is not synonymous with rudeness, nothing justifies attitudes of wrestlers who think doing profanity, or make the name "fame" to injure his fellow training. As I wrote earlier in this text, accidents and fatalities occur in training in our gym or championships, but they become repetitive with certain athletes always need to rethink their attitudes that athlete and I believe the teacher's obligation to alert you and fix this conduct is unacceptable in my view, the most senior fighters smashing beginners, who want to prove '. A fighter knows dispense their technical submissions, you know make a level adjustment the coup, which allows the adversary can give the "tap out" without causing injury. On the other hand these fighters considered "thick" often end up in their own academies with the passage of time running out of training, since the majority as well as training, work and study, and know that doing a workout with them may be injured which can bring much inconvenience in their daily lives, and even away from a championship to come. Then of course end up avoiding train with them. I believe that the more a fighter go on getting better technically, seeking new positions and variations, changing your routine, to innovate, the more he will be away from the "rude" and his training is getting better, and more fighters will want to fight him. The certainty of a hard workout without profanity is the desire for any fighter to go to the gym always seeking its own evolution.


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