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Objectives of a training Jiu Jitsu

       Each workout has a purpose and should have to be worked, will always result in a great result for the enhancement of athletes. It is very common in the hour of free practice some more athletes are required to train, others are neglected and worse, some even avoided.
      Every fighter has his strengths and weaknesses, of course running scams and scams that will not even consider using or even try because it has confidence in others, but leaves just to "increase" its arsenal of positions for the coming battles. So, I always suggest to my students that in his personal assessment, which always set the "focus" of the fight, a good workout is not only seek to finalization. Many times is the "fit" to a new position of scraping or submission.
      If you think that training, your opponent is more technically weak or strong or question in both cases, work on it blows you normally do not think to run, or let him take her back and train your way out. Consider the position that gives more work to get out and let it get to her, and then the starting point of your training, or improve your routine and lessen their vulnerabilities. Soon the athlete notices that adjust focus according to your opponent, every workout becomes useful. Nobody a tough fight, where the tracks are played, will risk a strike that does not feel like trust. Gain confidence in a coup if this coup
not trained at any moment? Get in there to adjust the exercise each workout, for a particular purpose. For the athlete or less technical, yet also has the weakest return being required more and thus having an improvement in their performance.
If all athletes are competitors or not thinking that way, soon all will be perfect for training workouts certain situations, improvement of blows, sweeps or risk movements that you think might work, would experience the most ever in a fight that for you end is the main objective.

Luiz Dias, leader of GAS JJ
twitter  @gasjj

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